6 Sep

ADQ launches ADQ FWD with inaugural paper on the future of food and enhancing the UAE’s food resilience


  • ADQ FWD platform highlights ADQ’s commitment to investing in the UAE’s economic diversification, accelerating value creation and future-proofing our nation for the next generations
  • New paper explores pathways to scale up local food production and increase the UAE’s role as a globally connected hub
  • Efforts complements government initiatives to ensure access to safe, sufficient, and sustainable food amid changing consumer behaviour and agriculture sector transformation

ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding companies with a broad portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi’s diversified economy, launched today ADQ FWD, its new platform bringing together leaders and experts to address issues of economic and strategic importance for the UAE.

The inaugural ADQ FWD paper, Cultivating the Future of Food, Bolstering Food Resilience, explores strengthening the UAE’s food system to  nourish future generations. It aims to set the context for growing local food production and increasing the UAE’s role as a globally connected hub. Complementing the nation’s long-term food strategy, the paper also draws upon key lessons, dedicated research and successful models adopted in other countries.

The paper identifies five key enablers to bolster food resiliency in the UAE.

1)    Driving domestic production: To maximise the efficiency of local food production, addressing structural challenges with enhanced capability and regulatory measures is key.

2)    Investing in technology: Innovations reduce production costs and lead to higher quality of food varieties.

3)    Driving local consumption: Encouraging consumers to purchase locally grown and manufactured food is important for a robust food system.

4)    Internationalising food security: Collaborating with international producers and securing long-term contracts with global trading companies can strengthen existing and new trade.

5)    Reducing food waste: A coordinated responsealong the supply chain is an essential driver of food resilience.

ADQ is investing and developing a thriving food and agriculture cluster for the UAE. A strong, regionally integrated food value chain will contribute to the nation’s economic diversification and nourish future generations for the next 50 years. The UAE recognises the importance of a robust food system, and we are proud to support its strategy to ensure access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food year-round.

Mansour AlMulla, Group Chief Investment Officer at ADQ

Food and agriculture are at a critical inflection point. The sector is transforming due to innovation, sustainability and volatile times. We recently convened leaders and experts in food and agriculture because we recognise that addressing food resilience requires new levels of collaboration and communications among key players. The paper aligns with ADQ’s strategy to develop a thriving food and agriculture cluster for the UAE.

Gil Adotevi, Executive Director of Food and Agriculture at ADQ

ADQ is supporting the nation’s food strategy and is committed to strengthening the UAE’s food value chain. In addition to establishing Silal one year ago, ADQ recently unveiled plans to launch the UAE’s first fresh produce AgTech Park to accelerate sustainable innovation-centric food production and distribution. The major project aims to cement the UAE’s position as the region’s leading fresh produce farming hub, expected to generate 39 kilotons of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables annually.

About ADQ

Established in 2018, ADQ is an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company with a broad portfolio of major enterprises. Its investments span key sectors of the UAE’s diversified economy including energy and utilities, food and agriculture, healthcare and life sciences, and mobility and logistics, amongst others. As a strategic partner of Abu Dhabi’s government, ADQ is committed to accelerating the transformation of the Emirate into a globally competitive and knowledge-based economy.

For more information, visit adq.ae or write to media@adq.ae. You can also follow ADQ on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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