24 Nov

ADQ paper examines solutions for accelerating the UAE’s journey to clean sustainable energy


  • New ADQ FWD paper identifies key drivers for a cleaner energy future will include digital Clean Energy Certificates, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage, Hydrogen investment, diversified power supply and Reverse Osmosis plants

ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding companies with a broad portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi’s diversified economy, launched its second ADQ FWD paper that explores the UAE’s transition to clean, sustainable energy.

The paper, Journey to Clean, Sustainable Energy, examines the context of the energy sector both at a global and local level highlighting the technologies and solutions that can lower carbon emissions, fast-track the UAE’s sustainability agenda and unlock investment opportunities.

The paper identifies six key drivers for a successful transition to clean energy in the UAE, enabling the nation to capitalise on robust growth opportunities:

  1. Wider roll-out of Clean Energy Certificates (CECs): Allowing consumers and industrial players to certify the source of their renewable and clean energy usage
  2. Leveraging Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS): Utilising this vital tool in the fight against climate change and achieving low carbon targets globally
  3. Ensuring a multi-source energy mix: Investing in large-scale infrastructure projects to increase renewable and clean energy sources
  4. Investing in a Hydrogen ecosystem: Establishing the UAE as a leader in blue and green Hydrogen initiatives to increase the potential of Hydrogen in meeting sustainability targets
  5. Developing Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants: Promoting RO desalination that is up to 50 per cent more energy efficient than conventional thermal desalination plants to produce potable water
  6. Collaboration among stakeholders: Collectively taking orchestrated action among the energy and industrial sectors with policymakers, regulators and government to deploy renewables rapidly at scale

As a sustainable investor with Abu Dhabi’s largest portfolio of energy and utilities investments, ADQ is advancing the drive to diversify the nation’s energy mix to lower emissions. Early investment in clean energy has already paid dividends, and there are opportunities to capitalise on the UAE’s clean energy transition and create value for future generations. Our time is now to accelerate the journey to clean, sustainable energy to ensure we can collectively reach the finish line in time to ensure a more equitable, greener and cleaner future for all.

Hamad Al Hammadi, Executive Director, Energy and Utilities, at ADQ

ADQ FWD is a platform that highlights ADQ’s commitment to further enhancing priority sectors in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The platform brings together industry experts, government, and advocacy leaders to discuss matters of economic and strategic importance.

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Established in 2018, ADQ is an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company with a broad portfolio of major enterprises. Its investments span key sectors of the UAE’s diversified economy including energy and utilities, food and agriculture, healthcare and life sciences, and mobility and logistics, amongst others. As a strategic partner of Abu Dhabi’s government, ADQ is committed to accelerating the transformation of the Emirate into a globally competitive and knowledge-based economy.

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The ADQ FWD platform brings together industry experts, government, and advocacy leaders to discuss and address issues of economic and strategic importance for the UAE.