ADQ-led consortium to invest USD 35 billion in Egypt


  • ADQ to acquire Ras El-Hekma development rights for USD 24 billion
  • Egyptian government to retain a 35 percent stake in Ras El-Hekma development 
  • ADQ to invest USD 11 billion in real estate and other prime projects in Egypt in addition to the development rights for Ras El-Hekma 
  • Ras El-Hekma development is expected to attract over USD 150 billion in investments
  • Work is expected to commence in early 2025

ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company, has unveiled plans to invest USD 35 billion in Egypt. ADQ will acquire the development rights for Ras El-Hekma for USD 24 billion to develop the region into one of the largest new city developments by a private consortium. As part of this investment, ADQ will also convert USD 11 billion of deposits that will be utilized for investment in prime projects across Egypt to support its economic growth and development.

Ras El-Hekma is a coastal region in Egypt located approximately 350 kilometers northwest of Cairo. The significant investment marks a pivotal step towards establishing Ras El-Hekma as a leading first-of-its-kind Mediterranean holiday destination, financial center and free zone equipped with world-class infrastructure to strengthen Egypt's economic and tourism growth potential. The Egyptian government will retain a 35 percent stake in the Ras El-Hekma development.

Spanning over 170 million square meters, Ras El-Hekma will be a next-generation city comprising mainly of tourism amenities, a free zone and an investment zone combining, among else, residential, commercial, and recreational spaces with seamless connectivity domestically and internationally. ADQ, leveraging its expansive portfolio and partners, aims to unlock the appeal of Ras El-Hekma as a premium international financial and tourism destination adopting the latest cutting edge digital and technological smart city solutions. ADQ intends to leverage Egyptian and international partners as part of its development and investment plans. Work is expected to commence in early 2025.

ADQ’s decision to invest in Ras El-Hekma is underpinned by its extensive track record of smart-growth planning and investing in similar large-scale infrastructure and development projects in the region. ADQ’s experience in providing fully integrated infrastructure solutions across a broad range of services, including energy, water, transportation and real estate, promises to bring significant benefits to the new development and Egypt’s economy, and is expected to attract over USD 150 billion in investments.

Ras El-Hekma’s master plan will pioneer innovative solutions that deliver a positive and lasting impact that is designed to attract foreign direct investment, boost trade, support Egypt’s private sector via an in-country localization program and drive job creation to maximize economic benefits.

His Excellency Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ADQ, said: “ADQ is a long-standing investment partner in Egypt, and we have demonstrated our ability to select opportunities that are aligned with our investment framework and benefit the Egyptian economy. This investment underscores our commitment to developing Ras El-Hekma into one of Egypt’s most attractive coastal destinations through the enablement of mega-infrastructure and development projects, working with partners such as Modon Properties and Talaat Moustafa Group, which will deliver value across multiple sectors of Egypt’s vibrant economy.”

Egypt’s North Coast has garnered tremendous interest from global investors and tourists, showcasing its aptitude to benefit from international partnerships. Ras El-Hekma will be a world-class destination in the Mediterranean with unmatched attractions, including hotels, yacht marinas and entertainment facilities.

Sustainability is a key feature of the envisaged master plan, ensuring local ecosystems are preserved to create a highly attractive place to live, work and play in one of the most prestigious destinations in Egypt.

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