Our Journey

Our journey as an organization has been characterized by a number of strategic activities. Starting with the transfer of key assets from the Government of Abu Dhabi, which have been defining ADQ’s portfolio since our establishment, we began to deliver against our mandate through numerous acquisitions; stringent portfolio management and consolidation; mutually beneficial sovereign investment partnerships; and  other corporate initiatives.

Asset Transfers

As a holding company mandated to strategically develop assets previously owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, asset transfers have been shaping our portfolio and determined our trajectory as an investor aiming to accelerate the transformation of the Emirate’s economy.

Portfolio Management

Our approach to portfolio management is collaborative and centered around adding value and driving excellence. We work with our assets through their respective Boards to encourage top-quartile performance and build future-proof businesses.

Portfolio Consolidation

Taking a long-term view to portfolio optimization, we continuously seek opportunities to create synergies through carve-outs, mergers and reverse mergers and support our assets to transition to public markets.


Since 2020, acquisitions in the UAE and abroad have played an important role in our endeavor to complement emerging value chains with a focus on contributing to our nation’s economic resilience and self-sufficiency.

Sovereign Investment Partnerships

ADQ forges strong, strategic alliances with foreign governments to promote the growth of its clusters and support the sustainable economic development of both countries. To date, our Sovereign Investment Partnerships have unlocked mutual value for ADQ and seven nations across three continents.

Corporate Development

ADQ is a dynamic, fast-paced organization with a commitment to excellence. Over the past years, we have consistently raised the bar across many facets of our operations with new initiatives.